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Chronic Care in America:

A 21st Century Challenge

The Institute for Health and Aging, University of California, San Francisco, for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Princeton, New Jersey. 1996; 76 pages; free.

Spiral bound for easy reference, this book describes chronic care and chronic conditions in the United States. It is an excellent overview that aims to acquaint the reader with the breadth of the issues and provides many definitions, footnotes, and graphs in a brief, easy-to-read text. The book discusses a highly complex policy area and comprises the following elements:

Clinicians in HMOs may want to use this book in establishing their plan's formulation of policy for population and disease management. It pulls into one place a disparate body of information about a subject that consumes three quarters of direct medical care resources. HMOs must have creative policy responses for managed care to gain leverage in resource management.

Robert A. Ludwig
Senior Vice President for Information Services
Health Care Plan
Buffalo, NY