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Effective Clinical Practice

Thank You to Reviewers

Peer-reviewed journals depend on a select group of individuals to donate their valuable time and expertise in reviewing manuscripts. We would like to thank the following reviewers that helped Effective Clinical Practice get off the ground during its inaugural year.

Lynda Anderson
Charles Bennett
Henry Berman
C. Craig Blackmore
Brian Budenholzer
Wylie Burke
Edward Catherwood
Michael Chapko
Dimitri Christakis
Richard Comi
Peter Cronkright
Allen Dietrich
Timothy Ferris
John Feussner
Stephen Fihn
Marion Finkel
Steven Friedman
Gilad Gordon
Nancy Gordon
Andrew Halpert
Steve Hardin
Thomas Herchline
Jeff Hummel
Stephen Hwang
David Kountz
Eric Larson
Sue Levkoff
Barbara Edelman Lewis
Donny Likosky
Evette Ludman
Jon Lurie
Nicole Lurie
David Magid
Wayne McCormick
William McGaghie
Paul McGrath
Barry Miller
Adrienne Mims
R. Peter Mogielnicki
Gordon Mosser
Donald W. Parsons
Diana Petitti
Stanley Polit
Nico Pronk
Barbara Rimer
Cheri Rolnick
J. Marc Rosen
Max P. Rosen
William Sayres
James Smith
Steven Solomon
Randall Spoeri
Barbara Starfield
Michael Stuart
Alan Tice
Stepehn VanDenEeden
W. Pete Welch
Jeff Whittle
Kevin Whittle
Dan Wolfson