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Effective Clinical Practice


Effective Clinical Practice, January/February 1999

As some readers may know, this is the inaugural issue of ECP for the editorial offices housed in White River Junction, Vermont. The associate editors and I genuinely hope you like what you see here. At the same time, we know that creating a new journal is less of a discrete event and more of an evolutionary process.

Let me share one aspect of that process. Six months ago none of us knew we were on the verge of putting together a new general medical journal. When I accepted the job as Editor, I began to think about the three special sections that you see in this issue: Patterns of Practice, Back of the Envelope, and Unanswered Questions: Research Under Construction. I decided that the best way to illustrate the format for each was for the associate editors and me to be actively engaged in writing them. You will see the product of these efforts in this and subsequent issues. I hope our efforts help others to contribute to the sections. This is just one part of the process to continually improve the quality of ECP. Although there are many ways to measure a journal's quality, our readers' assessments will be highly valued.

Tell us how we are doing.

H. Gilbert Welch, MD, MPH