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Effective Clinical Practice

A Call For Papers

Looking Ahead: Modifying Childhood Behaviors to Prevent Adult Disease

Behaviors adopted during childhood may have a major impact on the development of chronic disease later in life. The editors of Effective Clinical Practice are planning a special issue focusing on helping children become healthy adults. We are interested in articles dealing with any one of a broad range of childhood problems, such as:

We are especially interested in the following clinical questions:

What do we know about the link?
What is the evidence that these problems lead to adult disease? How strong is that evidence?

What is current practice?
Do pediatricians and family practitioners ask about these behaviors? Do they see this as part of their work? What interventions are being used to prevent or treat these behaviors (in general practice, schools, school-based clinics, or community-wide)? How well do these interventions work?

What should be tried?
How can a practice, health plan, or community contribute to the development of healthy behaviors in children? What interventions are being developed to identify and treat or prevent these behaviors? How should we test them?

To "test the waters," authors are encouraged to e-mail abstracts of potential manuscripts to:

Completed manuscripts must be received by December 15, 2001.