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August/September 1998


Welcome to Effective Clinical Practice
WJ McDonald, EJ Marine
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New Journal Seeks Experienced Contributors
HG Welch
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Special Editor, Edward H. Wagner

Chronic Disease Management: What Will It Take To Improve Care for Chronic Illness?
EH Wagner, Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound

Comprehensive system change is needed to improve care for patients with chronic disease.
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Management of Diabetes Mellitus in the Lovelace Health Systems' EPISODES OF CAREŽ Program
NM Friedman, JM Gleeson, and MJKent, Lovelace Health Systems, and M Foris and DJ Rodriguez, Lovelace Healthcare Innovations

A broad-based program for diabetes management can have a positive effect on outcomes.
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A Population-Based Approach to Diabetes Management in a Primary Care Setting: Early Results and Lessons Learned
DK McCulloch, MJ Price, M Hindmarsh, and EH Wagner, Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound

Providing support to primary care teams may be an important mechanism for improving standards of care for many patients with diabetes.
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Blood Pressure Control To Reduce Cardiovascular Morbidity and Mortality: Today and Tomorrow
MH Alderman, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Population-wide blood pressure control, improved identification of patients with hypertension, and risk stratification of treated patients with hypertension are three of several ways cardiovascular morbidity and mortality of hypertensive patients can be reduced.
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Does Professional Advice Influence Aspirin Use To Prevent Heart Disease in an HMO Population?
PJ O'Connor, NP Pronk, AWH Tan, WA Rush, and RJ Gray, HealthPartners

Professional advice to use aspirin seems to be strongly related to aspirin use.
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The Case of the Missing Clinical Preventive Services Systems
LI Solberg, Group Health Foundation/HealthPartners, TE Kottke, Mayo Clinic and Foundation, ML Brekke, Brekke Associates, SA Conn and S Magnan, Blue Plus, and G Amundson, Group Health Foundation/HealthPartners

How can processes and systems be organized to ensure that preventive services are delivered consistently?
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Detection and Treatment of Depression in Primary Care
SB Yox, Effective Clinical Practice

Primary care providers are working together to improve the detection and treatment of depression.
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Chronic Care in America: A 21st Century Challenge
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Computer-Generated Intervention for Asthma Population Care Management
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Promising Therapy Methodology: A New Process at HealthPartners for Improving Coverage Decision Making
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