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January/February 2002


Relation between Parental Restrictions on Movies and Adolescent Use of Tobacco and Alcohol
Madeline A. Dalton, James D. Sargent, Leila A. Mott, Michael L. Beach, M. Bridget Ahrens, Jennifer J. Tickle, and Todd F. Heatherton

Adolescents whose parents restrict their access to R-rated movies report much lower rates of tobacco and alcohol use than adolescents without such restrictions. These results suggest that limiting exposure to R-rated movies may prevent early use of such substances.
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Outpatient Diagnostic Errors: Unrecognized Hyperglycemia
David Edelman

A substantial proportion of the members of a large managed care organization had laboratory values suggestive of diabetes, but there was no evidence that their providers had recognized this possibility. Such lack of recognition may be an important source of error in the outpatient setting.
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Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use among Health Plan Members. A Cross-Sectional Survey
Carolyn M. Gray, Agnes W.H. Tan, Nicolaas P. Pronk, and Patrick J. O'Connor

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) use seemed to be relatively high among health plan members. CAM users also reported slightly higher rates of utilization of conventional preventive health care services and were more likely to perceive physical and emotional limitations in daily life.
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Determining Medical Error. Three Case Reports
Robert McNutt, Richard Abrams, Scott Hasler, Robert Rosen, John Brill, Cathy Dimou, Yvette Reiner, Venkatesh Korla, Leonid Buzyna, and Stuart Levin, for the Patient Safety Committee

Understanding medical errors can be difficult. Determining whether an error has occurred requires extensive chart review and interviews with providers to fully understand the sequence of events that have led to an adverse event.
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Smoke-Free Movies: Sense or Censorship?
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Rate Movies with Smoking "R"
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Numeracy and the Medical Student's Ability To Interpret Data
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Interpreting Surveys
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Promoting Self-Referral for Laboratory Testing
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2001 Subject Index
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