ACP American College of Physicians - Internal Medicine - Doctors for Adults

March/April 2002


Pharmaceutical Care and Health Care Utilization in an HMO
Lucy Rose Fischer, Terese A. DeFor, Susan Cooper, Lynn M. Scott, Diann M. Boonstra, Marilyn A. Eelkema, and Michael J. Goodman

The belief that expanding the role of pharmacists in patient care could improve the safety and efficacy of drug therapy is growing. However, whether such programs reduce medication-related problems or health care utilization is unknown.
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Benchmarking the Future Generalist Workforce
Jon D. Lurie, David C. Goodman, and John E. Wennberg

Although workforce analyses have concluded that the United States has too few (or just enough) generalists, recent trends suggest that more physicians are entering primary care, raising the possibility of a future surplus.
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Will Electronic Order Entry Reduce Health Care Costs?
Christian M. Birkmeyer, Joshua Lee, David W. Bates, and John D. Birkmeyer

While few dispute the potential for electronic order entry to reduce medication errors, many question whether hospitals can afford them. Although there are currently insufficient data on which to calculate the financial "bottom line" for hospitals, we quantify costs and savings of electronic order entry as much as possible.
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Behavioral Medicine: The Challenge of Integrating Psychological and Behavioral Approaches into Primary Care
Peter C. Trask, Steven M. Schwartz, Stephanie L. Deaner, Amber G. Paterson, Tim Johnson, Melvyn Rubenfire, and Ovide F. Pomerleau

A growing literature supports the efficacy of behavioral medicine interventions. Integrating behavioral medicine into primary care is an important challenge.
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Expected Adverse Events in a Mass Smallpox Vaccination Campaign
Alex R. Kemper, Matthew M. Davis, and Gary L. Freed

The decision to resume mass vaccination must weigh potential harms against the effectiveness of vaccination and the substantial morbidity and mortality that would result from a smallpox attack.
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The Role of Pharmacists in Clinical Care: Where Do We Go from Here?
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The Delicate Task of Workforce Determination
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A Mass Smallpox Vaccination Campaign: Reasonable or Irresponsible?
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Before-After Studies
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Delayed Discharge: When Is It Important?
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Gentlemen. . . Start Your Engines
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