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May/June 2001


Can Evidence Change the Rate of Back Surgery? A Randomized Trial of Community-Based Education
Harold I. Goldberg, Richard A. Deyo, Vicky M. Taylor, Allen D. Cheadle, Douglas A. Conrad, John D. Loeser, Patrick J. Heagerty, and Paula Diehr

According to a growing consensus, clinical practice should become increasingly based on rigorous scientific evidence if the quality and cost-effectiveness of health care is to be improved. In this study, such evidence was utilized to engender voluntary changes in back-pain practice patterns across entire communities.
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Impact of Reducing Antibiotic Prescribing for Acute Bronchitis on Patient Satisfaction
Ralph Gonzales, John F. Steiner, Judith Maselli, Andrew Lum, and Paul H. Barrett

Successful reduction of antibiotic use for uncomplicated acute bronchitis was achieved in this study through a patient- and clinician-oriented educational intervention. Reduction in antibiotic treatment does not seem to have affected patient satisfaction.
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Educating Men about Prostate Cancer Screening: A Randomized Trial of a Mailed Pamphlet
Timothy J. Wilt, Jeevan Paul, Maureen Murdoch, David Nelson, Sean Nugent, and Hanna Bloomfield Rubins

A mailed educational pamphlet only modestly enhanced knowledge of prostate cancer screening in male veterans. However, it was an inexpensive and easily implemented intervention.
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Variation in Clinical Preventive Services
Leif I. Solberg, Thomas E. Kottke, and Milo L. Brekke

Performance of preventive services varies widely, both between and within clinics. This variation is a clear target for improvement efforts.
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Web-Based Assistance for Physicians Caring for Children with ADHD
James D. Sargent

Obtaining information from all parties involved in the care of children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)—parents, teacher, physician—can be difficult. Could a Web site that facilitates exchange of information among these people improve behavioral outcomes?
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Reducing "Unnecessary" Antibiotic Use in Primary Care: Hard Rules, Soft Calls
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Correlation Coefficients
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On Errors
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