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September/October 2000


Improving Performance in Diabetes Care: A Multi-component Intervention
Mark A. Nyman, Mary E. Murphy, Patricia G. Schryver, James M. Naessens, and Steven A. Smith

A multicomponent intervention was associated with more regular urine protein testing and foot and dilated eye examinations in patients with diabetes.
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Cost-Effectiveness of Strategies To Enhance Mammography Use
Paul Fishman, Stephen Taplin, Dolores Meyer, and William Barlow

A simple postcard was more cost-effective than a reminder telephone call in encouraging women to undergo mammography. Telephone calls designed to motivate women were actually less effective than those that simply reminded women they were due.
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Judging the Effectiveness of Clinical Pathways for Pneumonia: The Role of Risk Adjustment
Carlos A. Estrada, John N. Unterborn, Jammie Price, Debra Thompson, and Laurin Gibson

Because clinical pathways demand considerable resources, their effectiveness should be tested rigorously. Adjusting for patient risk factors is critical in observational studies of pathways
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A Comparison of Functional Outcomes after Hip Fracture in Group/Staff HMOs and Fee-for-Service Systems
Eric A. Coleman, Andrew M. Kramer, Jacqueline C. Kowalsky, DonaldEckhoff, Michael Lin, Eric J. Hester, Nora Morgenstern, and John F.Steiner

Group/Staff HMOs and Fee-for Service systems that have a similar commitment to geriatric care achieve similar outcomes in elderly patients recovering from hip fracture.
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The Impact of Automatic Prescriptions on Reducing Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Levels
Andrew Siskind, Monique Johnson, Azhar Qureshi, Brian Solow, DoreenChesebro, and Nancy Oldham

An automatic prescription helps physicians meet NCEP guidelines for LDL cholesterol in patients with established atherosclerotic disease.
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Are We Overvaluing Performance Measures?
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Enhancing the Use of Mammography: Effectiveness and Cost
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A Primer on Cost-effectiveness Analysis
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Why CQI Fails
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Internet Access to the National Library of Medicine
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